Blackberry Blue

My set of six original fairytales called Blackberry Blue has now been published by Tamarind Press Random House.

I’m thrilled with the design of the book and the wonderful illustraions of Richard Collingridge. They are written within the fairytale tradition of Grimm and Hans Andersen, but extending the image of the new Europeans – those like me – from different ethinc backgrounds, who have been brought up in Europe, and need to see themselves reflected in the books they read. Richard tuned into this idea beautifully, producing the most evocative and imaginative images to go with my new fairytales.

About jamilagavin

I was born in India and, after a number of incarnations later, began writing books for children. Many many books on, it is still my life.
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    illustrations – of course! Getting like the Guradian – I mean Guardian.

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