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Year one of commemorating the start of WW1 has ended – during which time so much has already been written, commissioned and broadcast. When I was asked to contribute to two anthologies for the occasion, I wrote a short story called “The Man in the Red Trousers” for Tony Bradman’s excellent collection of short stories for called “Stories of WW1” published by Orchard books. It contains excellent contributions by people like Malorie Blackman (our Children’s Laureate) and Geraldine Mccaughrean. I think we all made it an opportunity to explore issues through our own prism. For my part, I wanted to reflect the experience of so many Indian soldiers who fought in the trenches. I continued that exploration in my furhter contribution to Michael Morpurgo’s excellent anthology called “Only Remembered” published by Random House, containing contributions from all walks of life. We have four more years to go – and I’m sure there are still many more aspects of that period to write about. I recently reviewed a book called “Unknown Warriors: the Letters of Katie Luard RRC and Bar, who was a nursing sister in France throughout WW1. It reflects the dedicated, unsung, quiet heroism of the hundreds of nures, doctors, ambulance drivers and stretcher bearers who toiled alongside the soldiers, tried to save them, and held their hands as they died. A deeply moving and informative account of life within the theatre of war published by the History Press.

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